A World Filled with Dreams
“21 fragments of a whole”

An Exhibition of paintings by Mark Cook

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09:00 Ad Augusta per Angusta (Towards elevated goals via narrow pathways)  

09:30 Stéphanie Duluc   

09:45 The Entrance Hall: Ama Crede (Love, believe)  

09:50 Cédric Bail, The Billiard Room  

10:30 The Tapestry Room: Nobel play  

11:00 Yvette Prigent, The Studio  

12:00 The Dining Room: Ego Hugo  

12:30 Cécilia Vilches Pjopedre, The Red Room  

13:00 The Blue Room: Exilium Vita Est (Life is an exile)   

13:30 Ghislaine Bongiovani, The Oak Gallery  

14.00 Garibaldi's Room: Sto/Sed Fleo (I am standing but weeping)  

14:30 Lionel Bignon, The Winter Garden  

15:00 The Office: Absentes Absunt (The absent are present)  

15:30 Lydia Houbloup & Mayeule Drouault, the Landing  

16:00 Side Door: Hic/Nihil/Alias/Aliquid (Here nothing, elsewhere something)   

16:30 Gildas Dubois, The Lobby   

16:45 St Peter Port: Purge Surge (Keep ahead. Arise)   

17: 00 Mélanie Manceau, The Look Out  

17:30 Mirror Dreams: Pulvis/Es-Cinis/Sum (you are Dust, I am ash)  

18:00 Victor Hugo's Bedroom: Cella/Partum/Defunctorum (The sanctuary of deceased ancestors)  

20:30 Tu Qui Transis per Domus Periyuras Sis Memor Domus Aeternae (You who pass through ephemeral abodes, do not lose sight of the final resting place)